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October 27, 2013

DUVALL: Half way home on election forums

By Eric DuVall
The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — An abridged column to allow some space for Jill’s excellent story on the history of the Budwey family’s stores. It’s what I call a pot of coffee story. Put one on and clear off some time to give it a read. You’ll be glad you did. (Frank’s anecdote about the guy trying to steal chocolate ice cream is laugh-out-loud funny.)

On with the news:

We’re half-way through our annual candidate debates, having sat down with our north side hopefuls Thursday.

The back-and-forth with our two mayoral candidates, Mayor Rob Ortt and his challenger, Janet Zehr, was thoughtful, professional and both candidates offered clear competing visions for the Lumber City over the next four years.

These are my third debates serving as moderator and I thought their performances were two of the strongest I’ve seen. Either way, I think the city will be in good hands. The News editorial board will offer our endorsements next week and North Tonawanda races will provide us with some real fodder for discussion. It’s always a lively meeting when we sit down to debate who we should endorse and why. This year will be no different.

City of Tonawanda candidates are up on Tuesday at Mullen Elementary School. Mayoral candidates Ron Pilozzi and Rick Davis will start the program at 6:30 p.m. That, too, is sure to be a lively discussion.


I’m trying your patience with another World Series take but since I get to pick what I write about, you’re going to have to live with it.

The series is all knotted at 1-1 as of this writing. Game 1 was a disaster. Booted grounders, dropped pop flies, silent bats. We lost 8-1. Game 2 was another story. We got another win out of rookie sensation Michael Wacha. The kid is 22 and throwing like he’s Bob Gibson out there. 

Plus, how much fun is it to quote Fozzy the Bear’s “Wacha Wacha Wacha!” after every strike out?

Baseball is a kid’s game, after all.


Our other front page story is worth a quick comment, as well.

This Obamacare website failure is a real boondoggle and the president’s administration looks pretty dumb. It’s the 21st century and the entire federal government apparatus can’t get a web page to load? Come on.

Though I have to admit, I’ve chuckled a few times at all the Republican outrage that millions of people aren’t able to sign up for the thing the GOP is convinced will kill the economy. Politics for ‘ya.

Friend and Buffalo News editorial cartoonist Adam Zyglis had a good ‘toon on the topic, likening criticism of the website failure to a couple house-shopping and refusing to consider a home because the front door sticks.

In the long run Adam is right, this will get fixed and be little more than a footnote. That doesn’t make it any less embarrassing right now.

Eric DuVall is the managing editor of the Tonawanda News. Contact him at or follow him on Twitter, @EricRDuVall.