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November 2, 2013

TUCKER: Election season almost over, remember to get out and vote.

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Tonawanda News — Fence up

Last Friday, just as Classic Fence promised, our backyard fence was installed. The work crew were a friendly bunch who worked to get the 63-foot fence, along with a gate, up and looking beautiful. It was a wait, but worth it. Even the owner stopped by a few days later to inspect the work and to be sure everything was satisfactory. Bravo! 

Street down

The Town of Tonawanda is completing a project to replace antiquated water lines along Delaware Road and the intersecting streets. The job site is a mess with deep ruts, dust, huge machinery and piles of stone, old roadway and pipes lining the street. This past week, the crew worked in front of our house, digging a seven-foot hole to get at the old pipes and replace them. The enormous track front loader was, where else, parked on my front lawn. When I mentioned to one of the workers that it will be a good thing to have the work completed, he laughed and said: “Not over yet. The Town’s hired us to replace water lines on the side streets, so we’ll be back next year.”


Do you know what a ramikin is? In case you’ve never heard of it, it’s a small glazed ceramic or glass serving bowl for a number of food dishes. A new recipe I found said to bake it in a ramikin. Not having any, I went to two stores and the clerks never heard of ramikin (of course, they were only in their 20s or early 30s.) However, a visit to JC Penney was very pleasant and successful. Both clerks in the housewares department knew what I was talking about, and one of them, Stephanie, went online to see what they had, then searched shelf after shelf to find them, which she did. Kudos to her for being so pleasant and accommodating.


Marilyn Foit emailed that she really enjoy reading the news from the past in the Do You Remember? column.

“Sometimes an explanation is needed,” Marilyn wrote. “Sunday’s column mentioned that 70 years ago there was a surprise whiteout. No doubt most readers thought of a heavy snowstorm, as I did until it said that it was the first whiteout since May 24. A whiteout in late May? As a senior citizen I then recalled that in 1943 during World War II nighttime blackout drills were held to protect against possible enemy air raids, and daytime drills were called whiteouts when people were to stop driving and seek shelter. Interesting how the meaning of words changes over time.”

Thanks Marilyn for setting us straight.

Speaking of remembering, Gail (Edwards) Marquard of Plano, Texas, enjoyed reading about stores that were in the Tonawandas years ago.

“How about Zuckmeiers, TwinTon, and then Jenss,” Gail wrote. “Also, Gentske Grocery — the only place my mother ever shopped. Mr. Gentske carried her on credit while my Dad was abroad in WWII. We were lucky to have these wonderful memories.”


Are you glad this election season is almost over? I laughed out loud at a Soundoff which blamed Mayor Ortt because the council is all Republican. Hey, it’s not the mayor’s fault, he doesn’t appoint council members. The residents do. No one coerces a voter into who he or she votes for. If you don’t like someone running for office and you think there should be a change, then vote that way. If you don’t vote, then sit down and be quiet.


Rod Rowland emailed that he thinks the playoff system has spoiled high school football.

“Only the elite teams have games remaining and it is the end of October,” he wrote. “Last night I attempted to attend part of the Hamburg -NT game. Up until two years ago, I did the statistics for Hamburg where I taught and graduated from NT, so I have a vested interest in the game. ... Turned out it was played at a neutral field, Tonawanda. In my opinion a high school football game should be played on Friday night or Saturday so students can attend, not on a weeknight. My final game as the stat man was played at a neutral field, Depew, in which there had to be less than 10 fans in the stands for Hamburg. Then after NT and Hamburg were done, two other teams, Clarence and Lancaster start a game at 8 p.m. on a Wednesday night. I wonder how many of those players were in school the next day.”

Good point.

Burma Shave

At intersections look each way, a harp sounds nice, but it’s hard to play.

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