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October 20, 2012

Let's give THS credit for an awesome football game

By Barbara Tucker
The Tonawanda News

— Just a disclaimer that this next item is not against the NTHS football team which won the Classic T-NT game, nor against the News sports department which did an awesome job covering every event of the week with lots of photos and stories.

That said, let’s give a rousing cheer for the THS players and coaches who nearly pulled off a win. THS is a third the size of NT, but that never seemed to dawn on the players who were completely intent on the game. But for a few plays here and there, the outcome might have been different. This is a salute to the THS players who also had to deal with the emotions of playing the last game at Clint Small Stadium. It’s my bet that Clint was smiling down on his team. Nice going, THS.

As the above came to mind, Bob Starr emailed that he wanted to comment on the T-NT game from a City of Tonawanda resident’s point of view.

“I haven’t seen this much community spirit in Tonawanda in quite a long time,” Bob wrote. “The optimism abounded with our chances of beating our neighbors to the North. A pep band, chorus, alumni on the field — it was wonderful to experience. The young men who were helping to get the crowd stirred in the last quarter were great and showed community pride (which will never leave them). Thanks guys, you were great.

“(The THS) team, the coaches and staff and most of all, the players, should be commended for their efforts. Their actions and efforts on the field reflected our community’s attitude, hard working and honest. We are proud of them and the staff. Having the hard work instilled in these young men by Coach Gross shows that the Tonawanda Warrior spirit will never die.”


There’s no getting away from debates these days. But who expected a kind of mini-debate in Soundoff over this column? First, the caller who wanted the column removed and more news stories put in its place. Then a couple of days later, a defender of the column making the opposite point.

What dumbfounds me is why anyone would read a column that made them angry and disturbed enough to call in Soundoff. Why not just skip the column and dump the TUMS?


Kudos to the folks who live on Grove Street in Tonawanda between Roosevelt and Minerva streets and who fly the American flag every day. Whether it’s a group of friendly neighbors or just individuals who are proud of their country doesn’t matter. A number of years ago, one of exchange students from Peru was here over the Fourth of July. He noticed all the flags flying and asked if it was a law that the flags had to be flown on a national holiday. We said no, people are just proud of the country. He said in Peru, no one would fly a flag on a national holiday unless ordered to do so by the government.

Just a reminder: Veterans Day is coming up. Be sure your flag and flagpole are in good order.

On the subject of fall, the beauty of the trees on Nash Road is awesome. No need to go to the Southern Tier, just ride (or walk) down the street for a glorious sight of October.


This morning, the Ascension Church bell will be rededicated at Mount Olivet Cemetery in the Town of Tonawanda, exactly 100 years after being installed at the North Tonawanda church. In the News article, Rev. Francis Kelly who was pastor of the church in the late 1920s and early 1930s, was given credit for starting the cemetery, buying 50 acres of land and naming the cemetery. At the height of the Depression, my dad decided to start his own bricklaying company and although work was hard to come by, Father Kelly gave him his first job to rebuild the front steps of the church. My dad must have done a good job, as Father Kelly told others about the work and my dad soon had enough work to hire his brothers to help. We always enjoyed hearing the Father Kelly story and how wonderful that his name is now engraved on the bell.




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