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January 26, 2013

Add another brain teaser please

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Walking into church last Sunday, an usher greeted me then started saying with a smile: “If I had a stack of one dollar bills .....” to which I jokingly said that “enough is enough.”

Wouldn’t you know the next email that came in to the News was from Lenny Foels who said that in the last couple of weeks he’s enjoyed reading about how high a stack of trillion dollar bills is and how long it would take to spend it based on dollars per second. 

“Here is a brain teaser that has always fascinated me,” he wrote. “Say you have a large square tank that is one mile long by one mile wide by one mile high and it is full of water. You manage to make a hole in the bottom of one side where the water runs out at a rate of one gallon a second. This would be faster that a garden hose but much slower that a fire hose. How long before the tank is empty?”

(The answer’s at the end of this column but don’t peek until you think you’ve figured it out.) 


North Tonawanda Mayor Ortt sent an email with regard to the missing horse that was painted by members of St. Peter’s church in North Tonawanda and which no one has been able to locate for four years.

The mayor emailed: “I am not quite sure what happened to the missing horse. Larry and Linda Soos seem to be the last people to have seen/possess the horse. I know both I and Scott Kiedrowski have spoken to the parishioners at St. Peter’s about this issue and I completely sympathize with them. I don’t know where the horse is and if Larry and Linda Soos have it, why they wouldn’t just return it to the church? At this point, I am resolved to purchase a replacement horse and donate it to the church. I hope that this helps. The whole thing is ridiculous. This is the kind of petty, nonsense that I cannot stand. ...  I would much rather be dealing with annoying traffic signals than this.”

The woman from St. Peter’s who first brought the issue to the paper, said she’s not sure the church would want to go through the work of painting a new horse, they would just like to find the original one. Can anyone out there help?

Added note: The “annoying traffic signals” complaints the mayor mentioned are probably mine. In particular the one at Thompson and Main streets. No industry or homes around, just this traffic-stopper.


Not to sound cynical, but who cares whether Beyounce´ lip-synced the National Anthem or whether Manti Te’o was duped with voice mails he received. Good lord, is there nothing else happening in the world? A woman in line at the grocery store and paging through one of the tabloids said to no one in particular, “I’m so sick and tired of reading and hearing about Te’o and lip-syncing. Why don’t they move on to something more relevant?”

Well, there’s always the Super Bowl and the end of the football season — thank goodness.


A couple of weeks ago, our two grandsons were to start ski lessons with the school’s ski club. The older boy really didn’t want to go, even going so far as to say he hoped he’d be sick that Saturday morning so as not to have to go. Wouldn’t you know, Saturday morning arrived and he had the flu. The moral his mom told him was: “be careful what you ask for” and when the following week came, he loved the lessons and had a great time.


The membership tea hosted by the DeGraff Hospital Auxiliary on Thursday was a fun event. Tea served from a silver tea set and poured by an auxiliary member, was something one doesn’t see very often. The table was laden with tea sandwiches, cookies and other delicious goodies. Hank Cole, senior director of operations at the hospital, or “president” as he’s referred to here, walked around greeting everyone and taking a few moments to meet and greet auxiliary members. The hospital is fortunate to have such an energetic and enthusiastic leader.


Get out your soup recipes and join the fun as the Zonta Club plans its annual Soup Cook-Off on Feb. 10 at the Elks Club in Tonawanda. More entries are being sought. So for a soup entry form and/or tickets, stop by Floral Accents, 877 Payne Ave., North Tonawanda, or call chairperson Debbie Jaeger at 417-2181.


ANSWER TO ABOVE QUESTION: With 7.48 gallons in a cubic foot it would take about 34,900 years to drain. Len added: “I can’t remember where,but it always stuck with me. You need to figure out how many cubic feet are in a cubic mile, multiply that times 7.48 gallons and divide that by the number of seconds in a year.”

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