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April 25, 2013

LETTER: Rent subsidy change a good idea

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Rent subsidy change a good idea

I want to thank two Niagara County Legislators Virtuoso and Zona from Niagara Falls for proposing to have Social Services pay rent for welfare recipients directly to Landlords.

I am a landlord in the City of Lockport who has had problems collecting rent from some past tenants on Welfare and I think this is a great proposal. I am surprised that I hear nothing from our county legislators in Lockport.

In fact, state Sen. George Maziarz has been quoted in the paper stating that he believes such rent payments are not a problem outside of Niagara Falls. It is a problem in Lockport and I am sure across New York state.

If George spent some time in local city courts he would meet other landlords who will say the same thing.

Maybe George does not hear from landlords because we are too busy to talk to George and his friends in the county legislature.

We are busy trying to collect rent from our tenants on welfare and listening to false promises that the check is in the mail. In the end, we repair the apartments damaged by people who misspend their rent subsidy and move out to the next apartment.

Fortunately at this time we have at least two county legislators from Niagara Falls who are looking for a better way that landlords can collect the money owed to them by welfare recipients.

We need to elect new county legislators in Niagara County. People who will listen to the people they represent and not bow down to the wishes of state Sen. George Maziarz.

James A. Sacco II