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October 4, 2012

LETTERS: Restino not fit for Assembly; Niagara County smoking rate alarming

The Tonawanda News

Restino isn’t fit for Assembly

In these tough economic times, your vote is crucial. By voting we are selecting a person to represent our interests and put our economy on a sound footing. Robert Restaino now goes by the name Bob. Googling the Internet under Bob Restaino rather than Robert Restaino produces far less critical descriptive comments such as “petty tyrant,” and “poor judgement.”

The facts are, Robert Restaino was removed as a judge for failing to conduct himself in a manner expected of one who holds an office of trust. As most people are aware, Restaino was removed from his position as a judge, after putting 46 people in jail because the cell phone of one of them rang.

He now wants to represent you. Who is he kidding? What fantasy world is he living in? Restaino is now funded by Sheldon Silver in Albany, and we know how his political career is going. If you don’t judge Restaino on his past, or the company he now keeps, what do we judge him on?

John Ceretto has a reputation of being honest, ethical and a person that the electorate has faith in. Now Restaino blames Ceretto for the casino money not being paid to the City of Niagara Falls. Not true, on the contrary, Ceretto has done everything possible and is responsible for now moving to arbitration for final resolution. This was possible because Assemblyman Ceretto, Niagara Falls councilmen Glenn Chookolan and Sam Fruscione traveled together to Albany and met with Gov. Cuomo’s office seeking the steadfast resolution and in the meantime a bridge loan. Why would Restaino leave this part of the story out?

When Restaino can’t rely on his past actions and his record, he just creates his own fantasy world. Ceretto is a winner who keeps his commitments. Losers make promises they can’t keep. Ceretto deals with the hard truths and not fairy tales. I loved fairy tales when I was young, but there was always a scary sub plot. You might have been told that Restaino is a good guy, but that would be yet another fairy tale.

You make the call in this election. However, if you are anywhere near Restaino, don’t do it on your cell phone. Mae West once commented “An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.”

Michael Higgins

Niagara Falls


Niagara County’s smoking rate alarming

Across New York state we have seen smoking rates drop over the years. Currently 18.1 percent of adults in New York over age 18 smoke. That is an improvement for the state but when you break it down by county, Niagara County does not fare well, with 27 percent of adults still smoking. This is a public health concern. Smoking not only affects the smoker’s health but also the health of those around him/her.

Quitting smoking can be a challenge, but there are many resources to help. Many people over look their doctor, who can be one of those resources. Through your doctor you can obtain prescriptions to help you quit smoking, prescriptions for nicotine replacement therapies (i.e. nicotine patches or gum) or medications to help you quit. Also available is the New York State Smokers Quitline, 1-866-NY-QUITS. The quitline offers counseling and many people are eligible for a free starter kit of nicotine patches.

Hopefully as more people become aware of these resources and take advantage of them, we’ll see Niagara County’s smoking rate drop.

Heather Lynn Bashaw

Coordinator Roswell Park Cancer Institute Tobacco Cessation Center