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April 13, 2013

Tales of the T-NT EXPO

Tonawanda News — First of all, thanks to all who stopped by the News booth at the T-NT EXPO last weekend. So many of you, although angered by the plan to have no paper on Mondays and Tuesdays, also understood the reason. However, everyone agreed that if it had to be two days, let them not be back to back. The majority voiced the opinion that Tuesday and Thursday would be good days. My favorite person to stop by was a gentleman who was more than angered — he was livid. After sounding off in no uncertain terms about the paper, its faults (in his mind) and threats to never pick up a News again, he said, in parting, “Can I have a copy of today’s paper?” He received the paper and went on his way still mumbling.

Takes all kinds.

Just to let you know, all comments, the petition many of you signed and your suggestions have be forwarded to the right people — and yes, I kept a copy of everything.

One visitor asked if I remembered Loeswick’s hot dog stand on Delaware Street in Tonawanda. I said that not only did I remember it, but as it was at the corner of our street, we often walked up to enjoy the wonderful food and ice cream they served. Did I remember their sign, she asked. 

No, afraid not.

“In the spring, you’d see this sign,” she said. “Spring is sprung, the grass is riz. This is where the good food is.”


Donna Neal executive director of the North Tonawanda History Museum, sent an email about the story on St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, now Shalom Baptist Church in North Tonawanda.

“Your readers might be interested to know that (the museum) has the altar and many of the items from St. Paul’s in the North Tonawanda History Museum,” Donna wrote.  “The altar had to be taken apart for moving and we will soon be completing putting it back together and announcing to our members, supporters, and volunteers that the St. Paul’s exhibit is complete. We are grateful to the congregation that was St. Paul’s and to the new owners of the church building, Shalom Baptist Church, for insuring that these items were not lost forever. The history of St. Paul’s will live on in the History Museum.”

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