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August 24, 2013

TUCKER: Carrousel dream comes true

Tonawanda News — Recipes

Bob Derner, found the “Wurlitzer Centennial Cook Book 1856 to 1956” while cleaning out his house while preparing to move.. Also was a “Book of Recipes Coverning Three Generations of the Farny and Wurlitzer Family and the Wives of Present Business Associates,” covering the years from 1791 to 1956, complete with the story of the Farny and Wurlitzer families.

Bob sent over copies of a few pages of recipes, one a two-page recipe that one wonders how long it took the cook to prepare it.

The preface of the Centennial book notes that Leonie Wurlitzer and her sister, Marguerite Strobel, mother and aunt of “present board chairman Farny Wurlitzer,” gathered the choicest of dishes of their own and their husbands’ families and compiled them in a cookbook published in 1925.

“There was one recipe I asked my wife to make,” Bob wrote. “It’s Calf’s Head Jelly. I can’t repeat where she told me to go.”

Roof Fund

Greg Lureman from the Twin Cities Community Outreach emailed that he was approached by two people who wanted to host fundraisers to benefit TCCO’s Roof Fund. Even with the generous help of the East Hill Foundation for the front roof, the anticipated costs on the larger section of the roof range between $160,000-$175,000 So far the TCCO has raised about 10 percent.

Nancy Smith at St. Martin’s Church told Greg it will donate the proceeds from its Chaivetta’s chicken dinner on Sept. 22 to TCCO’s Roof Fund. Also, long-time NT resident, Bob Liebeck will celebrate his 60th birthday by hosting a fundraiser for the roof fund on Sept. 11 at Crazy Jakes. Bob will buy all donors a bottle of beer.

“It’s the first time TCCO has ever done anything like this and it sounds like a lot fun for a good cause,” Greg wrote.

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