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August 24, 2013

Sound Off published Aug. 24

Tonawanda News — To the caller who complained about the free phones. I hope the caller realizes that program started under President Bush. He or she can look that up if they don’t believe me. This is what happens when people watch and actually believe what is said on Fox News. 


So it’s a “crappy healthcare plan?” I am curious about the person that wrote that to Sound Off. Why doesn’t that person believe that every American should have health insurance? Because more people will be paying into the system costs will go down, it is common sense. Does this caller realize that he or she is already paying for other peoples healthcare and it is hugely more expensive? It is like buying car insurance: If millions of drivers didn’t have insurance those who do have it will pay for those without it through higher premiums. Under the healthcare law, people with pre-existing conditions cannot be turned down for insurance. There will be no lifetime caps, meaning if you get sick you don’t have to worry about going over that cap. There are children that are born with serious illnesses and can surpass the maximum cap by the time they are 5 years old. Once over the lifetime cap, the parents will have to pay out of pocket for everything. There are good things in this law, things that used to be supported by Republicans. Oh, and one more thing, the deficit has been cut over half since President Obama came into office. 

To the veteran who was upset with the person regarding Benghazi. First and foremost I would like to sincerely thank him as well as his child for their service. As for his outrage about Benghazi, yes there are legitimate questions that should be asked. I am curious however to find out what he thinks about the Iraq war? We should all be upset that people died in Benghazi, but what about the thousands of our military men and women who died or were wounded in Iraq? Bush and Cheney flat out lied about the weapons of mass destruction. They lied about everything that led up to their war of choice. I hope that the veteran who is so upset about Benghazi is just as outraged about Iraq. When we were attacked on 9/11, the country came together with the president. Our embassy is attacked and everyone just blames the president. Just a reminder to the veteran, we had embassies attacked under Republican presidents. I guess that didn’t matter to Republicans back then. 

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