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November 27, 2013

DUVALL: The annual un-Thanksgiving list

Tonawanda News — As always, there are lots of places to go for lists of things people are thankful about this time of year. No doubt, those of you with school-aged children will be greeted with an adorable list of things your precious little ones love. Keep those lists. They make for great amusement come dating time.

As for my purpose, there’s nothing of the sort planned here! And so I give you my annual abridged list of things for which I am in no way thankful. 

• Snow forecasts. Perhaps the intervening hours between this writing and your reading will prove the weather guys and gals correct. Maybe we really will get socked with a big overnight snow that will snarl traffic, ruin turkey consumption plans and make all those happy people in line outside Walmart at midnight (more on them later, I promise) remorseful for their commercialist ways.

Do weather guys around here ever get it right? Probably about 50 percent of the time, which is generally the chance they predict of snow on a given day. Really? There’s a 50/50 shot of snow? You don’t say.

• Suffering. Particularly of the now-unemployed Darcy Regier variety.

Though you have to admit the guy is a better prognosticator than, say, your average weatherman, this was one correct prediction I could have done without.

I share season tickets. I was at the arena last week when we played the St. Louis Blues. I’m fairly certain the 15,000-odd people who were there with me could file a class-action lawsuit. We were promised a hockey game would be played and paid money — actual dollars we earn at our jobs — to watch it take place. Poll the crowd, I’m absolutely certain we would all agree nothing of the sort took place.

If there’s one point of agreement with Regier’s replacement, Pat LaFontaine, it’s when Patty said, “it’s not going to happen overnight.”

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