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January 30, 2014

KEPPELER: Snow day nostalgia

Tonawanda News — At 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, right on the nose, the cell phone that was perched on the bedside table started blaring its not-a-ring ringtone in my ear, startling me out of a rare, sound sleep and sending my adrenaline spiking through the roof.

Fumbling for the device, less than half awake, I managed to silence the phone, get it more or less to my ear and blurt out something along the lines of “Whaaa?”

“This is the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda school district,” reported the emotionless voice on the other end (more or less, I wasn’t taking notes).  “Ken-Ton schools are closed today.”

Oh. Hardly stunning, since I’d really expected this to happen the night before (when both North Tonawanda and City of Tonawanda schools closed), but disconcerting nonetheless. I silenced the voice, tossed the phone in the direction of my dresser and pulled a pillow over my head, hoping that I’d gotten to the phone on time ...

Too late. I heard the plaintive sound of my older son’s voice: “Go to school today?”

This has be a winter to forget. Cold, snow — I can take ‘em, but the effect they’ve had on the family schedule and morale has been brutal. The boys are still at the stage where snow days are not something for which they eagerly hope, but a drag on their familiar routines of school and friends and activities. 

One day spent playing with their toys, watching movies and playing video games longer than they’re usually allowed was just fine, but six over the span of two months, with Christmas break included too? By Tuesday, they were bored — booooored, I tell you. Needy and whiny and bouncing off the walls and just plain not interested in anything but getting back to normal. I couldn’t really blame them. I felt the same way (although maybe with somewhat less whine.)

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