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June 30, 2013

Dallas is a fine fit for Ruff

Tonawanda News — A busy week in the news so lots of opinions were made:

Former Sabres head coach Lindy Ruff was hired by the Dallas Stars, the team that defeated Ruff’s 1999 squad in the Stanley Cup finals, Brett Hull’s left skate notwithstanding.

The odd history aside, Dallas is a perfect fit for Ruff and for Sabres fans, not least of which this one, who still want to root for an old friend.

Dallas is a young team that’s lacked a steady hand at the coaching helm for some time. Ruff certainly provides some continuity. 

And it’s plenty far away from Buffalo. We only play Dallas once a year so the game in question is not likely to be of particular significance in the standings. 

It could have been much worse if he’d been hired in, say, New York, where we’d see him far more frequently and would likely wind up in a playoff race against the Rangers at some point.

There were some groans in Sabre Nation about Ruff going to coach the Stars. That’s lame. Dallas was unquestionably the better team in that series. Dominik Hasek was the only reason a mediocre squad made it so far.

Sure No Goal will always sting, but with Ruff in Big D I’d pull for a second Stars cup if they made the finals — always provided it isn’t a ‘99 rematch.


Lots of news from the Supreme Court, most of it good — or at least not bad.

We covered affirmative action and the Voting Rights Act on Wednesday but suffice to say it was a mixed bag.

Later came the court’s historic ruling, striking down the odious Defense of Marriage Act and a technical ruling that has the effect of permitting same-sex marriages in California.

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