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June 6, 2012

Witryol: Reasons many for seeking seat

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — What does Niagara County need to create job growth and control taxes? Big changes here, and in Albany. And that requires a new state senator with the right experience and the right priorities.

My name is Amy Hope Witryol and I’m running for New York state Senate. 

I spent my career in business banking, lending to regional companies to help them grow and create jobs. 

My career has also included helping companies that became troubled from too much debt, too much spending or declining revenues. These are the same problems plaguing New York state.

I’m running against a career politician who has left the three counties in his district in last place when it comes to taxes and value. 

Niagara, Orleans and Monroe counties have the highest property tax rates-to-property value in the entire United States. Together, these three have lost thousands of jobs in the past two decades

What else do these counties have in common? The same state senator for the past 18 years.

Major differences between myself and my opponent include:

I would not have voted to give disproportionate state education funds to wealthy Long Island school districts, while North Tonawanda schools suffer the consequences. 

I would not have flip-flopped on millions of dollars swept from the New York Power Authority into the state budget, by voting for $100 million in sweeps, after the election. 

I would not have promoted gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale, which contributed to the bankruptcy of AES Somerset, putting hundreds of jobs at risk. 

The AES bankruptcy tied up property Verizon needed for the multi-billion dollar project that my opponent promised us before the election, but that disappeared after the election. 

I would not have asked a governor to veto my own bill for political cover, to benefit a big donor. Niagara County can be something other than the nation’s toxic waste dump.

I would not have opposed good economic development projects to help big donors buy real estate cheap.

I would not have pressured legislators to use taxpayer money for frivolous lawsuits using firms donating to my campaign. 

I would not have used corrupt politicians to help me raise campaign money in New York City.

Instead, I will remove the hidden political toll charged to businesses interested in creating or retaining jobs here. 

I will restore competition for our most valuable assets. Creating value is what attracts investors and the associated jobs and revenue. 

I will partner with anyone, regardless of party affiliation, to promote strong and sustainable economic development here. 

We need a middle class and we need to put people to work. The growing disparity in income and wealth could ultimately threaten our democracy. 

We have the challenge to create good jobs and to provide education and training for the industries of the future. We can compete. 

After 18 years of losing population and losing jobs, this district deserves a new state senator. It would be an honor to work for you.

The day I swear my oath as your state senator, this county will reopen for business. 

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Amy Hope Witryol is the Democratic candidate in New York’s 62nd state Senate district.

Amy Hope Witryol is the Democratic candidate in New York's 62nd state Senate district.