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June 18, 2014

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WARRANT: Gustavo R. Soto, 40, Nassau Avenue, Kenmore, surrendered on a  warrant for a stolen veichle and ciminal tress. 3rd. incident on march 22 on kohler. held for court. 

authorized use of motor vehicle. kohler street. held. 10 a.m. tuesday. 

WARRANT: Leslie Nilsson, 26, Royal Avenue, Buffalo, turned over to the city by state police on an outstanding bench warrant for ago. 3rd. 2:09 a.m. tuesday. held forecourt. 




during this whole male the guy tossed his cell phone and tossed his wallet. 

during. we found out he allegedly tossed his 

in one of donations bins. for clothes. 

when we kept pinging his phone it kept pinging kenny field. we were thinking why does it keep pinging. 

chucked his wallet and cell. "it took us a long time but the detectives fin

at the corner of eggert and brig ton. it's


"apparently there's a golf station on corner" 

"this eggert and brighton. 


witht he conversation. "said something in the effect of where daddy's threw his cell phone. 

"we lucked out. 

"$45 in his wallet. pens personal papers and his cell. 

because it was in the bottom of the dumpster. no movement for six hours. eggert and brig ton. walks all over the place with this little girl. 

the reasons why he thew it in the dumpsters. 

"we didn't know what his intentions were with this little girl."

"quite a distance from kenny field. 

"we couldn't understand. the little 9 year old. 

throw o:sure enough there 

the little girl was pretty descriptive as far a as what she told us the dad threw out. he's not saying anything. 

we found things. 


roughly 7: p.m.m to 3:31. 

did have custody on sunday visitation. comments to friends and officers. 

then you throw your cell phone. 

"this one did and it worked out." 


they weren't at the collection bins where we thought.  It's called hearts for the homeless. "it was found but it was found at hearts for the homeless. found id. money. $45 and his cell phone. 

"it's just a mystery" 

"what we knew and what we found in his half way house. 

niagar couty sheriff helicpoer and tot poclie assisted. 

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