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November 16, 2012

Sound Off published Nov. 16

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — It was horrible, the destruction that Hurricane Sandy did to the homes and landscape on the east coast but three days after there were people complaining that there was no power and they were hungry. You were told to evacuate, there was a week’s notice that the hurricane was going to hit that area and the people ignored the warnings. I hope there are no lawsuits because stupidity should be thrown out of the courtroom.


I just finished reading today’s Sound Off section and several gave me a good chuckle but the best was the busybody who needs to know the address of people arrested for DWI. The explanation for why this person needs this information is so that he/she will know when the innocent until proven guilty person is about to drive around the corner of the street and he/she can pull his/her children out of the street. What’s intriguing to me is how he/she will know when this person will be driving on his/her street.


I have a suggestion for the stalkers of the NT DPW. Instead of praying to your higher power for the plow drivers to learn how to plow both sides of the road, or hoping that a bunch get laid off through budget cuts, why don’t you pray to Him to smite them down in the forbidden coffee shop? Of course the heathens probably already begat (have begotten?) offspring to take over their jobs after they’re gone because of the rampant patronage. I guess both of you or your relatives must have been turned down for a position in the DPW before. Its the only explanation that makes sense for your obsession with them. It has to be difficult to be denied a shot at one of the six to eight “stand arounder” jobs.