Tonawanda News

March 21, 2013

Sound Off printed March 21

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Your reprinted editorial on March 8 labeling Bob Woodward “thin skinned” was way off base. There is a pattern of this “Chicago thug” style politics emerging in this White House. In addition to Woodward, liberal MSNBC reporter Jonathan Alter also came out complaining about harassment and being denied access after an unfavorable report. A woman reporter has publicly complained of being called by Senior White House aide and being called every vile name in the book. (Where are the NOW people when you need them?) The Obama administration is seeking the likes of a state-run media where only favorable press is tolerated. A reporter depends on access to people in high places to do their jobs. Deny them the access or give them a thinly veiled threat, and they can no longer do their job of keeping politicians honest. This country was built on a loyal opposition where they report the news, not create it. This paper has given the administration a largely free pass for more than four years now and the reprinting of this editorial is a clear sign of that.


I see our colleges are teaching their students well. I was at (a nearby college recently) and somebody in a handicap spot decided they didn’t want to take their trash with them so they dropped it on the ground. When I said something. Their response was to show me their IQ with their middle finger. How did they get to college with such a low IQ?


I would like to know the occupation of the caller that said she hopes that workers lose their jobs. These are our neighbors, our friends and our family. Why would the caller wish for someone to go through losing their jobs? Why is their job less important than the caller’s job (assuming they have one). These people aren’t millionaires, they are providing for their families. I would really appreciate the caller coming clean about where they work. Maybe those people who you don’t care about would like to judge the caller and decide that their jobs should be eliminated. I will guarantee that the caller is a Republican. I will also bet that they watch only Fox News. If the caller wants to complain about something maybe they could attack Congress for making over $1,000 a day due to the fact that they are only in session for 126 days this year. 


So an armed drone can kill an American, without due process, without a trial and where do you hear about the Constitution and where’s the media? That’s why some people will not confirm John Brennan for CIA director who supports this use of drones.