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June 28, 2013

Sound Off published June 28

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I was reading today’s paper about Cuomo and his casino tax deals. I don’t feel it’s fair to all the businesses in New York state. All the small businesses, especially, paying such high taxes as we do, and then you’re going to give these people no taxes and no income taxes? What about all the rest of us working slobs here in this state that have to pay high income taxes out of our pay because we don’t have all these write-offs that you people come up with? When are our taxes ever, ever going to go down in this state instead of going up every year?


I have a problem with the new police chief being sworn in. He’s got 28 years of service already, so he’s going to be a chief for two years and then we’re going to give him some lucrative pension for the rest of his life and health care at the cost of us little taxpayers in this town. Aren’t our taxes high enough? 


I see in the paper the City of Tonawanda where that school fell through that buyer that wanted to buy it. So now the school is up for sale again, and I also see where Mrs. Syposs and her committee are going to try to get the city to buy it. Everybody voted for the school to be sold. That should tell Gayle Syposs and her committee that everybody’s happy the way everything is. And if the city buys that stupid school, how are the people that live in the towers that are on these motorized carts and on wheelchairs going to get down there? 


I’m a Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bills fan. I’m so glad that Lindy Ruff was accepted as a Dallas coach. He is a wonderful person and a good coach.