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May 8, 2013

Sound Off published May 8

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I’m calling in regards to the person who called up and says Mayor Pilozzi is a good mayor and does stuff for the people. I have to disagree. I think it’s time to get rid of Mayor Pilozzi and everybody on the Common Council. It’s time to get new blood in there. They don’t do nothing for the City of Tonawanda, just for themselves. They been in there too long and they’re all self-serving. So people I remind you, come November, vote everyone out of office in the City of Tonawanda.


I think it’s a little ridiculous the president and his wife are going to Texas for the memorial for the explosion at the fertilizer plant. It’s a little expensive for a country that borrows 49 cents on the dollar. Why can’t he send a representative? Or do it by Internet, people to people. It’s getting a little ridiculous the way he just throws money away and hangs out with movie stars. And has concerts in DC on our dime. He ought to pay for it out of his own pocket if he wants to do this stuff.


I read in the paper where the Tonawanda school board is going to raise the rates 3.2 percent in the school taxes. Then later on in the article it said with those savings and those from not spending the music rooms, the board must now decide how to spend an extra $1 million that has been allocated. Why can’t they put that toward the school taxes? Can someone call Sound Off and tell me? That’s $1 million they could put towards the school taxes. And they wouldn’t have to take it out on the seniors!