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February 12, 2014

Sound Off published Feb. 12


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Another nice fluff piece by reporter Michael Regan promoting the Republican party. Are you on their payroll or something? I love to hear the tired line that was made famous by George Maziarz now being used by Scott Kiedrowski. Wow, who would think that a “Polish kid” from North Tonawanda would be shaking hands with Donald Trump! Big deal. I’m sorry that the “Polish kid” would have to endure that windbag! 


I find it ridiculous that the media is making such a big deal on the death of an actor who used heroin. Yes it’s a shame, but how much media coverage is this going to get? What about Benghazi? Did that story fade away in the liberal newspapers? What about her failure along with our great president? Four Americans died that day, and all the liberal news media along with rest of the liberals forgot about this because what? She may run for president, hey what about you VP Joe? Did you already throw him off to the side?

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