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February 13, 2014

Sound Off published Feb. 13

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — It’s refreshing to see that the City of Tonawanda Council has a pulse. Thanks to the women who are standing up and voicing their opinions against the red light cameras. I don’t see any other elected official condoning the actions of this company. Thank you Council members Smilinich and Koch for looking out for us.


When attending the City of Tonawanda’s council meeting to hear Mayor Davis’ State of the City speech, it was overly evident in their workshop session that this council is laying the foundation tonight to becoming a dysfunctional group intent on not working together! Their individual agendas shown more important than what is best for the city. It will be surprising if they get anything accomplished together. Hopefully, more residents will start attending the meetings and bring their concerns to the full council and public so everyone is aware of their constituents desire in representation. Perhaps a start would be to enact a no bully zone during council sessions.  


I always thought the fire department was supposed to clean around the fire hydrants. The one near my house is almost completely covered and there’s mostly elderly people who live around here, so we really can’t do it. I’m just calling to find out what the scoop is.


This person said the same old garbage Pilozzi did, I would say you have to give the new mayor and council a chance. They’ve only been in two weeks. Mr. Pilozzi spent over $1 million on that pavilion that hasn’t made any money I can see. Taxpayers have to take 25 years to pay it off.