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February 19, 2014

Sound Off published Feb. 19

Tonawanda News — I moved to the City of Tonawanda a few months ago and decided to attend their council meeting on Tuesday. I listened to the president talk and I said to someone, who does he think he is? He is so disrespectful to that one woman up there. The other residents agreed. I can’t believe he could get away with that. I actually thought that other woman handled herself so professional and proper. When he yelled, we aren’t working together I wanted to pipe up and say to him, control yourself. This makes me think twice about moving here.


Here’s a little food for thought, based on some recent Sound-Offs: Fire departments have enough problems on their hands that they ask property owners near fire hydrants to clear a 3-foot radius. They can’t monitor every one in the city. Some bikers ride on the wrong side of the road all the time, it’ll never change. The driver of the motor vehicle is responsible for defensive driving and can easily avoid them if they’re paying attention. Stop complaining about the condition of streets and potholes. Most will be addressed after winter, others will have cold patch fixes once the snow is off that street. Remember to call it in. The red-light cameras will never pass considering all the negative flack they’re getting. It’s already on hold now, so no need to keep complaining. The water in NT is fine, I think the caller should check their own pipes and make sure nothing’s wrong with them. If you’re unsure, get a purified water filter. If your paper is late, call and complain. However, don’t be stingy and tip your paper carrier. They are out trying their best in an extremely cold winter this year.

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