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February 27, 2014

Sound Off published Feb. 27

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — A letter to North Tonawanda residents on Christiana Street near the Pine Street entrance to Spruce School, could you please clean your sidewalks of ice!  Before the thaw, they were covered by about a foot of snow and calls to the Code Enforcement Dept. at City Hall and Public Works haven’t produced any help (shame on both Depts.). It’s only a walk up to the door and a request or a note to ask the residents to clean their sidewalks as required by law. For the residents, in addition to the city requirement of keeping your sidewalk clear, if someone falls due to your neglect, your homeowners insurance will be exercised. Kids are nimble on these hazards, but parents and grandparents, not so much. It doesn’t take much effort. I noticed your driveways are clear, let’s go the extra step and clean your sidewalks as required!


Last night I attended my second Winter Dance Party at the Riviera. We really enjoyed ourselves. What irritates me more than anything are the people trying to video the concerts. This is happening more often lately. At least this time the Riv ushers were looking for people taping the concert and telling them to stop. I was sitting in the fourth row and some inconsiderate person in the first row started taping the concert with his smart phone. The light the phone gave off was very annoying. It was like somebody sitting between me and my television with a bright light when the lights are turned off. Patrons, video devices are not allowed. Copyright laws are involved. The quality of the homemade videos are such poor quality buy a DVD, or go to You Tube.