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March 1, 2014

Sound Off published March 1

Tonawanda News — They don’t need to bait and shoot. They just need to come to our neighborhood. We have a neighbor on our street that regularly feeds animals of all kinds. Flocks of birds that poop everywhere, packs of squirrels digging holes in lawns, herds of deer that make it impossible to have a garden and a danger to vehicles. Skunks and opossum that make it unpleasant to enjoy your yard and dangerous for pets. He believes he’s helping the animals but in fact is exposing them to disease and the dangers of being hit by a car. This person continues to do this despite several neighbor objections.


A couple of budget killing issues. First, Niagara County awarding an IT contract to a company that wasn’t recommended by Larry Helwig, our IT director, but approved by politicians. Why not listen to the man who works with the system every day to determine what is best? They claim the other system is low bid but what does that mean? It will cost us more money in the long run to train workers, change other IT related equipment and by the time that is done this system will be obsolete and we’ll begin this again. Why do politicians become experts as soon as they are sworn in. And to think Ortt believes these county legislators are gods. I wish he would release the real numbers of this dispatch change.

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