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November 10, 2012

Sound Off published Nov. 10

Tonawanda News — Just a minor request, but could you pay more attention to your article titles and copy about “the Tonawandas”? It is disconcerting the read “The City” so often when your reporters are telling about the City of Tonawanda as though it is the only city. North Tonawanda is a city also, not a town form of government. And not the north part of the City of Tonawanda. It is incorrect to refer to North Tonawanda’s events as being “in town.” They occur “in the city.” More care in telling about things in the Town of Wheatfield where the North Tonawanda Post Office serves them would also be appreciated. Far too often you write of “a North Tonawanda resident” or “a North Tonawanda business” when they are Town of Wheatfield residents or businesses. It is understandable when the non-local papers get these things wrong, but our local paper should take the time to get them right.


Typical response by George Maziarz after his re-election. I am looking to working with Governor Cuomo. How about saying “I am looking to working with Mayor Dyster” since this is part of George’s new district. Oh, I forgot. George will do everything to work against Mayor Dyster as he is a Democrat. Just like he cut Dyster out of the Wallenda walk. The only reason George works with Cuomo is that the gov. is popular. Don’t worry Andrew, George will be working against you behind the scenes. Count on it!

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