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December 15, 2013

Sound Off published Dec. 15

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I thought there was an ordinance in the City of Tonawanda of only having two dogs per household. How come the animal control officer isn’t checking the houses in the city to see how many dogs are there and if they all have licenses. I know some homes up in the Third or Fourth Ward have more than two dogs. I don’t think there has been a dog survey in over 10 years or more. 


Why Mayor Pilozzi hasn’t done something nice for the people that come here all summer long with their families. And put up a little area just for the children to play in with swings and slides and all that. Instead of blocking it off and building the gazebo and stuff that nobody really goes to. As taxpayers, we don’t really enjoy stuff like that. 


Isn’t it funny that any time the subject of raising the minimum wage for any of these restaurants, fast food places comes up the first thing they come up with is that we’re going to have to close up our business or lay people off. You know that isn’t ever gonna happen. The politicians don’t want to raise it but at the same time, Republicans want to get rid of food stamps or Medicaid or anything that will help for people who are trying to raise and feed their children.


With Christmas fast approaching, we should buy Uncle Sam a few Christmas presents. Mainly made in America products. It would be good for what ails him. Too many people have ignored him and he badly needs our help. Merry Christmas.