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December 18, 2013

Sound Off published Dec. 18

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I agree with the person calling in regarding the traffic light at the corner of Twin City highways, Erie/Wheatfield. I too timed it as a 3 minute wait. The dedicated left hand turn light is fabulous for us now cause we don’t have to wait two or three traffic signals to be able to turn left into the Twin City highway. But once you make that turn, you get stuck at every red light probably to Tremont. I think someone needs to look into this and an adjustment needs to be made. 


So the only ladder fire truck in Tonawanda will be dropping the New Year’s ball? And the city council approved this?  Ok, no fires that night because the fire department will be taking care of the politicians so they can pat themselves on the back.  Don’t we have a fire chief who would have said this was a stupid idea or is he controlled by them?


Now that winter has arrived, and with it the inevitable snow, I would like to remind property owners in the Twin Cities that there is a city ordinance regarding clearing snow from the sidewalk in front of your property. I walk to work most mornings, and am very pleased that most people do clear their sidewalks, but there are some who do not. I understand that some people are disabled, or elderly and have trouble doing this so if you are clearing your sidewalk and you notice your neighbor hasn’t, please feel free to pitch in and help out. I would also like to remind whoever is in charge of code enforcement to do your job, and alert these property owners that are not clearing the sidewalk.


Not all voters voted for the current administration.  We aren’t green with envy or jealous and didn’t run for office.  We just weren’t and aren’t as pleased with one party rule as those who did vote them in. Although our votes this time weren’t sufficient to level the playing field for the taxpayers, we do have every right as citizens to complain about the things we aren’t happy with.