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January 1, 2014

Sound Off published Jan. 1

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I believe the City could find a better use for the red-light camera money in 2014. There are more pressing issues in the City of Tonawanda such as its failing infrastructure.The sewer system is antiquated. The city’s own engineer recognizes the overload that occurs in heavy rain/snow melting. The system cannot handle the amount and sewage ends up being released as a burden onto some residents (flooding basements). I understand red lights and sewer issues may not be the same budget of money but let’s hope the new Mayor makes smart choices for our future. 


To those officials in the Town of Tonawanda who want to use red-light cameras on three intersections in the town: I have a suggestion that’d save more money in the long run and be a much more efficient strategy to handle the traffic at the Delaware and Broad street intersection. Why not just create a traffic circle instead? In the short term, it’s more expensive due to the reconfiguration of that intersection and a small sacrifice of a few parking spots to nearby businesses. However, in the longer run, the benefits include a constant traffic flow, no electricity needed for any stoplights, a much more aesthetically pleasing intersection, less accidents, less idling = less pollution, and no police presence, thus saving the city a lot down the line. Everyone wins with this idea. 


Can’t believe in the Wheatfield Heights development that in a retention pond, built by the developer and run by the town, that someone would stock fish and raise the levels of this pond. Flooding the neighbors houses and making their sump pumps constantly running and burning up. Time to get a lawyer and start legal action against both. Wake up supervisor and smell the water.