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January 9, 2014

Sound Off published Jan. 9

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Why is it that we must wait for Mother Nature to remove unsafe snow piles at the corner of Ward and Oliver? The NT police were made aware of the unsafe piles that force young pedestrians to walk in the street. Would it be different if their kids had to walk in the street? 


Much praise should be given to the City of Ton Department of Public Works for their awesome work during our recent snowstorm and cold snap. The morning after the big snowfall my streets were plowed curb to curb by 5:30 a.m. and garbage pickup went as usual. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!


Does the North Tonawanda DPW wait until they don’t see a flake in the forecast before they put a plow out? Ruie Road wasn’t touched all day and then finally a plow came down the east-bound lane, turned onto a side street in front of the school and never came back to finish the job. Good thing the mayor takes credit for finding the best streets guy possible.


I attended the City of Tonawanda inauguration yesterday. Here are some of my thoughts. I was not impressed by Mayor Davis’ speech nor impressed by Councilman Gilbert. I wish I didn’t live in his ward. Gilbert’s “speech” included things like “yeah, that’s good” and he “somewhat agrees.” He has told friends of mine he is going for higher office. Maybe he should hire a speech writer first. It was comforting to see the council will have two women seated. Maybe this city can actually move forward and get things done.