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May 26, 2013

Sound Off published May 26

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Aren’t the five suspects responsible for the Benghazi attack terrorists? If you don’t want to call them terrorists, then there’s not enough evidence to try them in a criminal court, with American rights. Oh, you say they should be tried in a military court which could be done immediately? Maybe the families of the four dead feel that way. Maybe you’re right.


I can’t believe someone actually asked what the Mayor of Niagara Falls has done with “all the millions from the casino.”  Don’t you read the papers?  The Senecas have withheld payment in some stupid conflict with the state. I say close the casinos or stop providing services to their buildings like road repair, snowplowing, police and fire services. Let them be a sovereign nation and provide their own services. Why should my tax dollars be used to provide services to those who refuse to pay their fair share?


I am responding to the NRA’s assertion that people in Boston should have had guns to protect their families and home from the Boston bombing suspect. Perhaps the Sound Off caller who called all the responses “goofy” should see the big picture. The caller should ask questions like where did these two men get the guns they had? They were not purchased legally. When the caller can answer that question, I welcome his response.