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May 31, 2013

Sound Off published May 31

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — In the news today a driver was sentenced to 15 years in prison for DWI. Because of the accident he killed a 7-month-old baby. As always, it was not the first conviction for DWI. While the government seeks to lower the drunk-while-driving rate to 0.5 percent instead of the current 0.8 percent, that doesn’t do a thing to help. What we need is more justice in the courtroom when we continue to let people off on DWI’s once, twice, three times, four times, five times. For the love of God, the courts must stop this. Once is a mistake, twice is attempted murder. After you’ve been convicted one time, if you ever do it again, that is attempted murder, nothing less.


I see in the paper where the people voted to sell Central school to that developer, which is a good idea because they’re bringing more income into the city. I also read where Gayle Syposs and her committee are going to keep looking for something for a community center. I would say that I think that the public has proven to Mrs. Syposs that they don’t want a community center because it was 700-and-something for the school to sell and it was 300-and-something not to sell. So that tells me that this city does not need a community center.


Now this school board in Niagara-Wheatfield has one option raise teachers costs for their medical and pay to play sports. That means the parents pay if they want there kids to play sports enough ... heard voters do it again in June and vote it down.


The governor proposes tax free zones — again. Didn’t we try this with the Empire Zones? How did that work to grow business? It didn’t. We might attract some businesses, that of course will be picked because of political cronieism, but others will need to leave the state because they will be taking the burden of paying all the ridiculous fees that are needed to pay for all the garbage that the state politicians want to keep funding. You need to measure the businesses gained vs the businesses lost which the governor never seems to want to talk about.


Recent nuclear threats made by North Korea—followed by terrorism in Boston — demonstrate the need for a strong defense. If we let the national debt get to the point where all revenue is consumed by interest payments and entitlements, we will be at the mercy of such nations as North Korea and Iran, (maybe eventually China.) We will also be more vulnerable to terrorists getting nukes, as we would no longer have the deterrent of being able to trace such weapons to their country of origin. We must write to our elected officials about all this. We should urge them to stop deficit spending, and adopt budgets that will pay down the national debt and looming entitlement shortages. It would help if we sell rainforest owners the expertise for harvesting the rainforests much more profitably and sustainably (perhaps for a lease or share, at least for some term.) This is discussed at (For subsistence farmers, see And the need for firewood can be reduced by working with Solar Cookers International.)

I would like to know why the NT DPW does not follow up on complaints regarding residents putting trash out to the curb a week before the regular pick up or 3 weeks prior to a bulk pickup.