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June 1, 2013

Sound Off published June 1


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I agree with what I read in the newspaper the other day about Governor Cuomo pushing the tax plan. I agree with what people keep saying, “when is he going to help the little people.” This is what’s so important, there are so many of us that just have social security and it just isn’t enough, we need help.


I think Tonawanda police do a relatively good job. Although one point that they lack is parking enforcement on Main St, where many make parking violations daily. All I ask is that they send one officer to Main St. once a month to ticket, and I think that would solve the problem.


This is to the ignorant person claiming Bush flew over the hurricane in Louisisana. Cuomo asked Obama not to come to New York with the last disaster because of all the chaos it causes with secret service and all. Bush only flew over because the Democratic governor, I repeat, the Democratic governor did not want him to come using the chaos as an excuse. It was more a political move. Blame Bush. When are you idiots going to stop back talking about Bush? Obama is in office and he is the one screwing everything up

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