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April 2, 2013

Sound Off published April 2


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This fear mongering, having dinners with the Republicans to get his way, I don’t think it’s gonna work. We’re putting the breaks on Obama. No more giveaways Democrats. You’re gonna cry, that’s OK. You will get over it. Now you can have money in the bank, as long as you don’t vote for Obama. His economy is really booming with .08 percent isn’t it? All your kids coming out of college, like the last five years, ain’t gonna have jobs because you’re too stupid to switch sides. 


Wish someone would explain to me why is it this country is always gotta be at war with somebody? Looks like we might go to war in Africa with Egypt or somebody, or with Syria or North Korea. It seems like the only time there is jobs in this country, and the economy changes, is when we are fighting a war and somebody is making money off arms being made, like Halliburton and Cheney. We are a country that just builds weapons and designs weapons. Why can’t we go back to breaking steel, and having saw mills, making cotton or cloth and growing coffee? Why is this country so fed up on not having industry? Because industry uses oil and makes pollution? Something wrong with these people in Washington. Aren’t they making enough money on their stock market? 

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