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September 29, 2013

Sound Off published Sept. 29

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Can someone let us know how many registered voters we have in NT and what percentage of those actually have gotten out to vote in recent years? With the indifference to accepting their privilege of helping elect quality representatives to run the city for them, it is no surprise we have one party closed shop rule in NT, which serves their party and not the residents.


Must be an election year in NT.  The mayor is telilng his departments that all budgets must be reduced by 10 percent. What does that tell you? You moved the dispatchers last year so in your mind you saved the city at least 10 percent from the police budget. Now you’re asking to cut 10 percent more? What do you want in this city, two police officers walking a beat only so you can say your taxes are not going up? Notice I said not going up and not that they are being lowered because for all of your politics and promises, we never see any actual savings.


To the Republican in NT who complained that there are “just the three Democrats” calling in Sound Off. Many of us are neither Republican nor Democrat because we’re sick of the power hungry self-serving rule and also discouraged that it has so intimidated all qualified individuals who won’t waste their time and money trying to fight city hall and the party that controls it.