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October 2, 2013

Sound Off published Oct. 2

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I’m calling in regards to the recycling trucks and how public workers no longer have to take the time to put the materials in separate compartments. So now instead of working five hours and going home while getting paid for eight, they can work four hours and get paid for eight.


About this little boy who was beaten to death on the West Side of Buffalo. If you have so many people calling and saying there are problems in that house, how can you go in there and say nothing is wrong? Is everyone wrong?


I’m calling because, like many others in my community, upset about the intersection on Young Street that was blocked off for this restaurant, Smoke on the Water, to have more parking. I’m a business in the area being hurt because people can’t get in or out of my driveway or other driveways. My customers are having a hard time getting in and out. The councilman in the News said he’s going to try to close this intersection completely at Young Street and make it a dead end. That’s going to close other businesses in the area. Why is this business allowed to take city property for themselves? All we see are the same cars parked there all day which makes us think it’s for their employees.


Rick Davis has got to be kidding. He hasn’t even come out and said what he would do if he becomes mayor.