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October 6, 2012

Sound Off published Oct. 6

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — This is to all animal lovers. If your pet gets real sick on a Sunday and no vets are available except the clinic of course you have to go there and possibly leave it there. They will tell you they will contact your vet in the morning, please check with your vet and make sure they did. I had a bad experience, but please, always check with your vet.


What kind of a president do we have who doesn’t take action for these embassy deaths? And you people want to elect him again?


I just read that they’re going to build a $3 million facility in Buffalo. These people don’t need a $3 millon community center. These people need an education and jobs.


I am sick and tired of the criticism of President Obama that he is making our nation weak. That is drivel supplied by Republican opponents that want him out of office. We still have a strong army and it has not been depleted by our current president. Is the president not wasting money on frivolous defense spending to make some connected person rich somehow making us weak? I say not. The “weak” mantra is being said to put the president in a bad light. I hate the statement “we are not leaders anymore, but followers.” What a crock! We are still the strongest nation. The problem is that our previous president got us into two wars that hurt our country and sacrificed our young men and women, made gas prices rise because of the ongoing conflict in the middle east, depleted our economy due to putting money overseas to run a war, and caused the economic dilemma we are in now. Was that leadership? I think not. Even with the jobs forecast getting better, Obama can’t catch a break. They say the figures are fake. The inbred hate for this man is pitiful. This is America?