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March 1, 2013

Sound Off published March 1

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Aren’t we getting a lot of our crude oil from British Petroleum? Because if we are, that’s one of the reasons our fuel prices are so high. They got a lot of debt to pay off to the United States for when their oil well popped and ruined down south in the Gulf. So they are going to raise up prices and the pumps are going to raise theirs. What good is it to put fines on the oil company? British Petroleum has billions of dollars to repay, and they are going to get it from our pockets.


I would like to know why the school speed limit sign is going on Meadow Drive when there is no school. That is a waste of electricity and taxpayer money. It should be off when the kids have no school. I also think the speed limit should be either raised five, because people do not go the speed limit through the school zone, or just get rid of it because nobody does it after the school is out. 


They talk about the Keystone Pipeline on the news, but nobody has ever said what it’s for. Is it to bring oil to the Gulf from Canada or to bring it from Canada to the Gulf?  If it’s to bring oil from Canada to the Gulf, why do we have to bring it through our country? Let them ship it out of their own country. We don’t benefit. And if it’s to sell oil to other countries, why are we buying from oil countries? 


Why does New York state only help the film studios make movies in New York City? Shouldn’t the whole state be treated equally?