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December 29, 2012

Sound Off published Dec. 29

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Where were the coupons this year for the shopping spree for Winter Walk? No one seemed to have them. Who won anyhow? Why don’t they have the schedules out for us to know what is what like they used to?


Didn’t Winterwalk start out as for both cities? Why do they call if Winterwalk in the Gateway Cities if they are only in NT? What happened to it in recent years? Several people said they couldn’t find it this year.


To the thief that exists on 7th avenue: In the 5 years my family has lived here you have broken into our car and stolen wallets, phones, children’s toys and change. You have boken into my garage and stolen birthday presents, tools, lawnmowers, and cat food. Now you have come onto my front porch and stolen Christmas presents. Did your mother not teach you any better than to make other people’s lives more difficult? I can’t even decorate for holidays because you have stolen flags, lawn ornaments, and flowers. I have locked all doors or cemented things down and what you can’t grab you simply break. You are an awful, AWFUL demon of a person. I truly hope one day you have children just like you so they can steal anything you work hard for, though I doubt any right minded person would even contemplate procreating with you, you diseased delinquent.


A very very big thank you to the kind young lady who got out of her truck while behind me in line at the CIty of Tonawanda Rite Aid prescription pick up on Saturday evening ... to retrieve a piece of paper that the wind blew out of my truck! It is these simple acts of kindness between human beings that sustain me, and hopefully others, in this sad time — after the tragic events in Connecticut — and so many other sad stories that surround us each day, and that make many of us question mankind and its compassion. Thank You.