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January 5, 2013

Sound Off published Jan. 5


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In answer to the person who sounded off about the fact that guns don’t kill people, citing as evidence the Chinese attack on 22 schoolchildren with a knife, please note: none of those children died. Do you doubt for one moment that, if this deranged individual were able to obtain an assault rifle, any of the children would still be living? Of course, guns kill people! That is their purpose! I am a retired teacher, and I view with horror the idea that teachers and principals should be armed. If some crazy person started shooting, do you really think turning a school into the shoot out at the OK Corral would be a logical and safe solution of the problem? There were armed security guards at Columbine. That did not stop the killers. Sensible gun control is the only logical answer, along with better mental health treatment. Outlaw assault weapons and multiple clips, and close the gun show loophole. I pray that Congress takes action. Sportsmen and people who need guns for protection need not fear.

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