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January 13, 2013

Sound Off published Jan. 13

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — The winner for the most over used political phrase for 2012...and seems to have started for 2013...Best and Brightest. Please stop using that. Are we talking about someone compared to a politician because the best and brightest in that comparison would be a rock.


To the busy body complaining about Christmas lights and decorations: Mind your own business! Some people really enjoy their lights and decorations, so who are you to tell them they can’t? Close your drapes if you don’t want to look at the decorations.


Can someone explain to me how an educator could be so blind as to not store her weapons correctly due to a mentally challenged child? This whole issue is about common sense. For any automatic or semi-automatic weapon there should be a waiting period and a background check, period. During the sales process they should be informed about the proper storage and how to use this weapon in a safe manner. Translation... if mrs. educator would have had her guns locked up in a metal gun safe this would have never happened. Guns are suppose to be used for sport and protection. I love to go to the range or on private land to have fun! But I would also pity the fool(s) that tried a home invasion. They would have a very bad day.


Every so often you will see a post touting the benefits of North and the City of Tonawanda combining. Do you people realize that this two cities are in different counties. Combining any service would literally be impossible, neither counties politicians would allow their county to lose something. Also since neither city does anything particular well, why would we want either to control a bigger entity?