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January 27, 2013

Sound Off published Jan. 27

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I’d like to know why we don’t have one of those like immediate care or urgent care or Mash or whatever it’s called, here in like North Tonawanda or Tonawanda, for people that could go there for emergencies instead of going to the emergency room. It would be nice if we had a place like that around here in North Tonawanda or Tonawanda.


Come on people, let’s get real. Let’s wake up. Let’s admit to the whole situation, because city hall surely isn’t gonna do it. Yes it is gonna be the mayor driving one of the first cars down the extension Meadow Drive. Why? Because it is election year and it is just gonna be another little ruby that he is gonna put in his crown. Just like he put the ruby for the credit of Walmart opening up. He’s just a glory hound looking for everything he can to put on, and say look what I did in my term. Hope we find someone better to replace you!


The Walmart is gonna hire veterans for jobs and already someone is calling in trying to find fault with everything they’re doing, and thinking of ways other people are gonna be cut and just being miserable about it. Instead of being glad they are hiring these veterans that really need jobs. All you’re doing is whining, so stop it and shut up!