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January 30, 2013

Sound Off published Jan. 30

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Yeah I’m a veteran of the military and I go to the VA in Buffalo. I’m very disappointed in the VA medical center, very disappointed. I can’t believe what is going on up there. Congress and the president better get involved and investigate it, because after all these are soldiers that served in wars and everything else. My suggestion is the president gets involved.


Another snowfall and the city’s sidewalk plow is a no show. We pay taxes — use it!


Can the Tonawanda Bowling sign be any brighter? It’s like having to stare into high beam headlights when coming down Young Street at night. Isn’t there a city ordinance that controls sign size and brightness?


The missing horse problem is an example of what happens when you donate money for what sounds like a noble community purpose without making sure you’re giving to an actual legal and accountable organization and not just to a name. Just because you know or have heard of community members asking for your donations for something, you need to ask them to verify that, in addition to their well-meaning project, if they have a legal right to ask for donations. If they do, they have to account for what they do with those donations. If they don’t, they are violating state laws by asking for your financial support. There is no recourse even if you give to people you thought should be able to trust if you haven’t checked out if their organization actually exists and is accountable for what they do with the donations. It they really are legitimate, they have to report what they do with your donations to the state and to the IRS. If they are legal, they are required to give you a statement acknowledging receipt of your donation which should make it possible to know who is responsible for the horse. 


While reading Sound Off comments, which sometimes are funnier than the comics although the callers are being serious, it makes me wonder how this area survives with some of the truly uninformed and ignorant people that are here. First, the comment about the State of the City Address being held at a “local tavern.” The business is called Remington Tavern and is an excellent mid-scale restaurant that is a sign of growth in the city taking a run down building and making it into beautiful live, work and dining space. Second, teachers give homework because they don’t want to teach. Really? There is much more work being placed upon teachers, including raising your kids who you take little responsibility for. Teachers have just as much homework as their students, spending hours each night reviewing, grading and preparing for the next day. I’ll bet when you punch out at 5 you don’t even remember where you work until the next