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February 14, 2013

Sound Off published Feb. 14


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I’m calling about the person complaining about the Christmas lights being up so long. I disagree. I think the lights should be up 365 days a year. The lights could change colors for Easter and Valentine’s Day. I think every house should be lit up. Get as many as you can to light up the Twin Cities. It’s quite beautiful and I think these people just don’t appreciate the beauty ofthese lights.


Watching TV you see all the Hollywood yuppies talking against guns. It still ain’t gonna do any good. All you’re gonna do now is create less jobs. Because now all these gun companies that make guns, are they going to make them and send them overseas? No they are going to end up laying people off. You’re going to just eliminate more and more jobs across the country and create more problems. Seems like they are using this gun thing to keep people’s minds off of where are the jobs we need.

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