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October 5, 2013

Sound Off published Oct. 5


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The Affordable Care Act is law of the land. It’s time to move on, Republicans, and find somthing else to keep your rich buddies richer. I’m tired of being taken advantage of by the medical insurance companies. I want affortable medical insurance for me and my family and I think this law is going to provide it. Give it a chance.


Why is it considered an accomplishment that Mayor Ortt has reduced 50 jobs in the city? Has the amount of work that is needed to get done been reduced by 50 workers? Residents complain that the roads don’t get maintained; that takes people to do. Residents complain that the golf course isn’t maintained; that takes people to do. People complain that the police department doesn’t have the DARE program; that takes people to do. Residents complain that they can only put large items out to the trash once a month; those pick-ups take people to do. Are we seeing a pattern? I don’t think the mayor sees this pattern. He has the only fully staffed office in the city: with patronage jobs.

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