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December 7, 2013

Sound Off published Dec. 7

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — NT has made many wrong decisions about its streets over the years since the 1960s. The arterial to nowhere because it never connected with the LaSalle Expressway has helped whiz people through but not into the City unless they have business here. It ruined a once pleasant residential street, Division Street and eliminated the ready access from Sweeney Street to Niagara Falls Boulevard using Division and Nash. Closing Goundry at the “expressway to nowhere” for the benefit of homeowners at what is now a dead end was as dumb an idea as closing Sweeney Street for Gateway Park. You once could start at Webster and get to Niagara Falls Boulevard using Sweeney. Meadow Drive was intended to connect with South Meadow and go through to Sweeney Street. All the hoopla now about extending it to Erie Avenue only is pathetic. Walck Road which is 9th Avenue on the west side of Oliver should connect with River Road and it would connect to Sweeney Street.


Congratulations to NT for spending millions on Gateway Harbor to bring in all that tourism money from boaters. 763 boats paid to dock in 2012 and 921 in 2013. With a 90 day estimated active “tourism season,” that averages out to about 10 boats a day in 2013. If you add May and September, it’s six a day. Why am I not impressed? We used to have dozens of locals fishing there before the fancy dancy “destination for the hordes of tourists expected to come by boat” was constructed. And with improved facilities, it brought in $25,655 in 2013. How long is it going to take for Canal tourism to replace the industry?