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December 8, 2013

Sound Off published Dec. 8

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Are the projects being focused on today on the north side those that were approved in the most recent Master Plan?  That was approved during Mayor Burgio's term in office. Do the current Mayor and Council members use it as a guideline for their planning and community development?  Most previous Master Plans got filed away and forgotten as soon as they were completed.  Was the last one also?


Back when Mayor McGinnis was in office, the State proposed "The Tonawandas Harbor Plan." What happened to the Packet Inn and Orientation Center with open shelters and a seasonal cafe and a bed and breakfast? During Mayor Burgio's tenure, the Council adopted a Bed and Breakfast ordinance. Also, the Seymour-River Road bridge was to be renamed the Gateway Bridge in the original plans.


For the long-winded person complaining about the the mayor and city hall officials of North Tonawanda, saying others he or she talks to agree, maybe she's talking to a limited group because Mayor Ortt was voted in by a sizable number .