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March 16, 2013

Sound Off published March 16


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I like the way our country treats us. We do business with foreign countries and we supply them with automatic weapons. Not semi-automatic, fully. Yet we aren’t even supposed to have a semi-automatic weapon to go hunting with or nothing else. There’s something wrong with that picture. I don’t know what it is but it’s wrong. They don’t wanna go by our constitution, they wanna take away all our rights and treat us like we are prisoners of this country.


My head spun around when I read the Sound Off about not blaming Obama. He has cut the deficit in half. What planet are you living on or what are you smoking? The deficit was $10 trillion when he took office and it is now nearing seventeen trillion. That is more than all presidents combined starting with Washington up to Bush jr. No one can blame all the deficits on him but he ran for office saying he would balance the budget and has added almost seven trillion in four years. People keep blaming the Republicans. Obama had White House and both houses for two years and when Bush was in office he had Democratic control of house. Doubt this will see publication .

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