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March 17, 2013

Sound Off published Oct. 17

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I’m answering the person that said kids are obese because they can’t afford to eat healthy. Why not stay home and cook a meal? Have you been to a restaurant lately and looked around at all the fat kids?


What is wrong with Dana Milbank who is supposed to be a journalist, reporting facts from varied sources. For example, when he wrote criticisms March 14 of Paul Ryan’s budget which proposes repealing Obamacare, Milbank apparently hadn’t heard what the IRS said recently about the high cost of insurance to families under Obamacare next year. He didn’t talk about the threat to Medicare Advantage plans partly due to the approximately over $700 billion taken out of Medicare to go into Medicaid and the latest government report (Congressional Budget Office) saying the Health Exchanges are not built to last after 2018! Please do research Mr. Milbank instead of quoting an NPR person, for example, and how about giving us a review of Obama’s budget?


What in tarnation was the Sound Off writer of March 13 smoking when he/she said that Obama has cut the deficit in half? When he took office in 2009 the deficit was $10 trillion. He promised to cut it in half by the end of his first term which means it should have been $5 trillion by the start of this year. Instead, as everyone with a brain and a TV or newspaper knows, today the deficit is $17 trillion. The Congressional Budget Office projects by the end of Obama’s second term it will be $20 trillion. In my math textbook that would be doubling the deficit, not cutting it in half.