Tonawanda News

June 30, 2013

Sound Off published June 30

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I just got done reading the Buffalo Spree about an article about North Tonawanda. The only problem with that article is that the picture that they show in the beginning of the article is the City of Tonawanda, not North Tonawanda. I think that they need to have their proofreaders overlook things a little bit more carefully before putting an article about the city and they got the wrong city in there. 


Just heard on the news that another fertilizer plant blew up in Indiana, now that’s the third one this year. There was only one dead. But the thing is, who owns all three of these plants? Is it the same person or same company? That should be checked into and put in the paper and explained. It’s kind of funny because it reminds me of Tonawanda Coke and the owner there and all the companies he owns and how he went bankrupt and got out of paying his tab, his end, what he should’ve paid, and put in jail. This should be checked out.


I just want to say I think it’s nice that people have so many cars and trailers and their yards will not hold all of these vehicles so they’ll park on the street and partially block off people’s driveways making it very difficult to get in and out of your own driveway.


So it looks like they’re trying to push that new pavilion down by the river. You don’t think that maybe they’re not doing too well over there, maybe they made a big mistake with the taxpayers’ money? Possible.