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November 14, 2013

Sound Off published Nov. 14

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — The snickering by Alderman Andres is not limited to him.  The whole attitude of Mayor Ortt and the council is one of how dare you ask questions and arrogance.  That is what the voters get with one party rule.


It looks like the Democratic Party has finally had enough with Obama. 


I’m calling in response to the cat part in Sound Off. I totally agree with that person because we have a cat by our house that is jumping by the window and trying to attack our cat on the inside. And I agree with them. If we do catch them, they’re not going to be happy with what happens to it.


Back in September, Council President Zeisz says as soon as a new council person in the First Ward would be in place they would vote on the Natale project. Now at Tuesday’s council meeting he says we need more discussion on it. What changed Mr. Zeisz? Why are you delaying the project again. The council member in the First Ward is in place. Let’s vote on the Natale deal and get the tax money for the City of Tonawanda.