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December 22, 2012

Sound Off published Dec. 22


Tonawanda News — And why military assault guns? Wouldn’t a simple BB gun scare a robber away? I think they would turn around and run just as fast. In the first place, if someone comes into my house with sinister intentions I would hesitate to ask him to wait while I found my gun and then loaded it to defend myself.  I would be better off with a barking dog and a nearby phone to call 911 while I am all the while screaming bloody murder! It is time to examine that ill-famed second amendment and amend it! 


Is the writer for real about rich Republicans? Are you so uneducated that you don’t know that it is Politicians not just Republicans that are rich. Nancy Pelosi stays in a $10,000 a night room on vacation. Charlie Rangle has been proven a tax cheat, but oh yea, he’s a Democrat so that’s OK. What about the almighty Kennedys? The list goes on and on. The UN ambassador Susan Rice is worth 40 million. I’m guessing she doesn’t want to be secretary of state because people will start looking into where she got so much. Probably from her job, right? The Dems don’t mind spending because they are using the taxpayers money. Grow up writer and realize that Dems are jerks also. Writer sounds like someone on the taxpayers dime saying gimme gimme gimme, wah wah wah, it’s the Republicans fault I can’t get more.

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